I’m a systems engineer of ~15 years recently turned software engineer working for Penn State. My role is best described as a Site Reliability Engineer, but I’m currently focusing on building and maintaining software and tooling for our environment.

My professional interests are around Kubernetes, Golang, distributed systems, configuration management, automation, monitoring, metrics, cloud computing, immutable infrastructure, infrastructure as code, containers, Kerberos, LDAP, and IPv6 evangelism.

Currently I’m helping to maintain container-based microservices and the Kubernetes environment they run in, writing the occasional Go tool, hacking on existing code to improve reliability and usability or to add functions that I need for our tooling, building and maintaining CI pipelines, and writing Terraform modules. Jack of all trades, master of a few, and always learning something new.

For fun, I enjoy welding, fabrication, machining, machine restoration (lathes, milling machines, tractors, motorcycles, etc), firearms, building Tesla coils, 3D modeling, and riding and working on motorcycles (Honda inline 4s, specifically).

I’m also a volunteer for the local historical railroad where I maintain our website, as well as help with maintenance of way activities, rolling stock maintenance, ticket sales, and excursion operations. I hope to become certified as a locomotive engineer in 2018 with the return of our Budd Rail Diesel Car, which is currently undergoing restoration.

I hold a general class amateur radio license, callsign KB3EWY. I’m not active much, but when I am I’m on 2M FM, 2M APRS, 10M SSB, and 10M FT8..


Coming soon.